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Getting Healthier Just Got Easier

Rally can help you make smart choices about your health and form healthier habits.


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Rally will give you recommended Missions, which are simple, healthy activities you can fit into your daily routine.

Rally has Missions to cover healthy eating, getting more active, medication, stress - you name it, it's there.

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Rally is simple! Take a short health survey, and start to make positive changes today.


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Earn Your Rewards

Pretty much everything you do on Rally, from just logging in every day to making progress on a Mission, will earn you Rally Coins.

Which you can use to be in with a chance to win lots of different health and wellness related goodies!

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Learn Your Rally Age

Your Rally Age℠ will then be calculated, which might be higher or lower than your actual age, depending on your health.

This tells Rally what areas they can help you with the most.

Important Information

Please be aware that Rally is free and only available to Devon County Council residents who are aged 18 and over, with a valid Devon postcode.

You must register on the Rally website first before you can download the app.  Please search for 'Rally Health' when downloading the app.

For more information and support, please visit the FAQ section on the Rally website.

Free Devon services  

Want to find out more about local services your area? There's a wide range of options available and just a click away.

No matter your age, fitness, background or aspirations. There is a running group for everyone

Please check with their GP before starting a new exercise programme, particularly if you have any concerns about your health, are very overweight or have a chronic illness.

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