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Stop smoking for 28 days and you're 5 times more likely to quit for good

3 Resons to Quit

Feel healthier:  No matter how long you've smoked for, quitting can help improve your health straightaway.

Cash in: You'll have much more cash in your pocket. If you smoke a packet a day, you could save around £250 each month!

Protect your family: Quitting helps protect your loved ones from harmful secondhand smoke – reducing their risk of developing asthma, meningitis and some cancers.

Boost your motivation

Quit before? Be honest about what worked well and what didn't.  Think ahead about any temptations and keep your goal in sight.

Log your quit journey.  Make a note of what triggers you wanting to smoke, identify this and plan around it.

Make a note of the changes in your health.  Breathing easier, better taste, feeling good.

Reward yourself.  Use the money you would have spent on cigarettes to treat yourself.

Need extra support?

Quit together. Family and friends can be a great source of support on your quit journey.

For more support call us today.

Use the NHS SmokeFree App to track your progress and earn badges.

Looking to quit for health reasons or due to pregnancy, we can guide you to the support that's best for you.

Self-help tools

Health and wealth benefits
My stop smoking diary

Campaign Rescources

Want to support the campaign by promoting Stoptober in your local area?  Please download the resources pack now, which includes:  

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All the support you need to quit

From expert support and advise, to our free app and much more – we've got loads of support to help you quit, so choose the combination that's right for you.


E-cigarettes are a great way to help combat nicotine cravings and carry a fraction of the risk of cigarettes

To find out more click here

Stop smoking medicines

From nicotine replacement therapies – like patches, gum and inhalers – to prescription tablets, there are loads of options to help with cravings.

To find out more click here

Download the app

Why not download the OneSmallStep app, Rally® and track your progress by signing up to the specicalised smoking missions on the app.  

Register now click here

Free expert support

Get free expert advice, support and encouragement to go smokefree and help you stay on track to quit for good.

For more support call us today.

For more information and advice on how you can start your journey to quitting for good, please visit our smoking page