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Move more and 
 improve your health 
 and happiness 

Moving more can not only improve your health, but also make you feel and look great.

Think easy changes

Leave the car at home.   Active travel is a healthier option for you and the environment. 

Stand instead of sitting during your day.  Try short periods in meetings, at your desk or while on the phone.

Take a walk at lunch time with a colleague.  Devon is a great place to be active outdoors.

Be active with housework.  You can get a good workout gardening or washing windows.

Boost your motivation

Set yourself a small goal.  Plan small steps to achieving that goal.

Use an exercise diary.  Keep track of your progress

How much have you moved today? 
Move regularly and reduce sitting time.  Calculate your ‘sitting score’ with this quick quiz.


Need extra support?

We can offer you one to one sessions to help you move more. 

Our team can help you set goals, address obstacles and develop strategies that will help you make the changes you want and stay motivated.

For more information, contact us today.

Self-help tools
Move more; move to improve tips

My physical activity diary

Free tools to help you move more

Free Devon services  

Want to find out more about local services your area? There's a wide range of options available and just a click away.

Please check with their GP before starting a new exercise programme, particularly if you have any concerns about your health, are very overweight or have a chronic illness.

What do you want to do next?

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