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Want to be more active?

OneSmallStep is free to everyone aged 18+ and living in Devon. We offer information on our website, telephone advice and one to one coaching sessions.

Moving more can improve your health and make you feel and look great.

Free Devon services  

Want to find out more about local services your area? There's a wide range of options available and just a click away.

Chairobics Workout with Mary Morris from Rosemary Conley Online

A great seated workout by Rosemary Conley, designed to deliver a short cardio workout without putting strain on the joints and bones. This set of exercises  Do this two to three times a day and you'll be hitting the recommended 30 minutes of daily activity.

Pilates workout for Legs

A great Pilates workout which focuses on the legs – increasing strength and flexibility. This type of exercise can also help improve your spine and core.

Seated Exercise for Obesity and Limited Mobility

For those with limited mobility, this set of exercises is designed to help slowly ease you into a regular routine of movement. We recommend trying each exercise  3-4 times a week, and repeating your favourite one regularly and is suitable for any level of fitness.

Full Length Gentle Yoga Class for Beginners and Seniors Vol. 1

Try this full length gentle yoga class, perfect for beginners, seniors or just those of you coming back to Yoga or looking for a gentle practice. All you'll need is a mat.

Tai Chi for Health South West

Practising Tai Chi can help alleviate stress, relieve neurological conditions, lower blood pressure and maintain joint movement. Find your nearest class today, all ages and fitness levels welcome:


  • Monday at 10.00am - Holsworthy Scout Hut (Contact: Ellie Doe 07910 0734463)
  • Wednesday at 10.30 - G4 Studio Dadden Court Bideford (Contact: Ellie Doe 07910 0734463)


  • Tuesday at 10.30am Littleham Village Hall (Contact: Lauren Hutching 07557 676278)
  • Wednesday at 10.30am Rydon Village Hall (Contact: Jane Akers 07763 916990)
  • Wednesday 11.30am at Rydon Village Hall (Contact: Jane Akers 07763 916990)


  • Monday at 11.00am - Holsworthy Scout Hut (Contact: Ellie Doe 07910 0734463)
  • Wednesday at 11.30am - G4 Studio Dadden Court Bideford (Contact: Ellie Doe 07910 0734463)

If you have difficulty in contacting any of the above please email

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Try the NHS podcasts for exercises you can do at home

Please check with their GP before starting a new exercise programme, particularly if you have any concerns about your health, are very overweight or have a chronic illness.

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