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Take small 
 steps to 
 change today 

With small steps and ongoing support, we offer free and friendly advice to make positive changes easy for you.


What drives you?  Keep the special reason or occasion that motivates you visible.  See it often.

Who inspires you?
Has someone you know faced a similar challenge?  If they can do it, so can you.

Consult your inner expert
. If you have tried to change before, remember what worked and repeat.  What didn’t work?


What is your “now” like? Before you make any change, keep a diary relating to that behaviour.

Set yourself a challenge or a goal. Small steps lead to big differences over time.

Plan for the tricky times. What could you put in place to make it easier?



Keep a diary. Make a note of what is going on.

Don’t go it alone.  Team up with a friend, member of the family or work-colleague.  

Keep track. review your progress and activities on a weekly basis. Even better, share your progress with a friend.

Break the routine

Changing what you do, when you do it will help to avoid slipping back to old habits.

Look for something different to do. Walking group, low impact aerobics or even volunteering.

Keep it going

Notice the new you. Notice how you feel, energy levels, sleep and how clothes fit.  

Keep it social. Get more people to join you along the way, keeping it going is easier when you share a common goal.

Celebrate success

Get feedback on whether what you’re doing is working.

Celebrate the smallest successes.

What do you want to do?

I want to be smoke free
I want to be a healthy weight
I want to be moving more
I want to be drinking less