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Meet the team

The OneSmallStep team brings a wealth of skills and experience in health and wellbeing. We offer tailored, one on one support for the people of Devon.

Debbie Wills — Engagement Coordinator

I coordinate and attend a number of local events and health pop-ups across the county. Our stand is stocked with fact sheets and case studies to demonstrate how we can make positive changes to people’s lifestyle.

Melissa Arkinstall — Wellness Coach

I help clients achieve their personal health and wellness goals by providing advice, motivation and mentoring. I am trained in Dietetics, sports and exercise nutrition.

Mark Keeley— Engagement Coordinator

I attend local events to promote OneSmallStep across Devon. I can be found at local supermarkets, library events, farmers markets and health pop-ups. I have, calorie counters, unit cups and synthetic lumps of fat to demonstrate how much is too much!

Bev Sirah — Wellness Advisor

I support clients who contact the service via the website and telephone. I carry out health assessments to understand the level of support required and signpost them to the right part of the service. It’s vital I take time to listen, empathise and advise clients appropriately.

Kristina Hargreaves — Training Coordinator

I deliver Make Every Contact Count (MECC) training to local front line service. The training encourages staff to make the most of their contact with people to empower them to make healthier choices.

Katie denning — Wellness coach

I coach my clients to boost their confidence. I support them to make small, bite size changes to help them achieve their health and wellbeing goals. I provide regular follow ups to keep them on track.

Lisa Morison — Wellness Coach

I support clients who come to the service to make positive changes to their lifestyle. I deliver tailored programmes that focus on the individual, and achieve results by setting realistic and achievable goals.

Melanie Smith — Network & Relationship Mgr

I am working to develop a wider network and build strategic relationships across Devon. To stay healthy I love being outdoors and enjoying the amazing local environment that we have.

Anne Sharpe — Programme Director

I am responsible for the delivery of the service. I have delivered Health and Wellbeing services across the South of England for many years. I recently completed Couch to 5k with the support of OneSmallStep.

Angelika Wrzesinska — Wellness Advisor

My role is to help clients who phone through to the service. I speak to them about adapting to a healthy life style, and help them to make that first step, which is probably the hardest.

Vicki Banks — Service Manager

I ensure OneSmallStep runs smoothly for the team and the people of Devon. I am passionate about improving the health outcomes of Devon residents.

Geoff Williams — Wellness coach

I empower our clients to make healthy lifestyle changes. I offer one to one, tailored support and I apply a number of healthy lifestyle strategies to achieve a positive impact.

Charlotte Vince — Marketing Specialist

I manage the marketing strategy for OneSmallStep. We run a number of wellness related campaigns throughout the year. I look after our social media and ensure the team are present at events.

What do you want to do?

I want to be smoke free

I want to be a healthy weight

get more active

I want to be drinking less