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Want to be a 
 healthy weight? 

Maintaining a healthy weight can bring a positive lifestyle; increasing confidence, health and happiness.

Success stories:

Small changes helped make a big difference to Andrea’s weight. Read her story here.

Think easy changes

Note your starting weight and activity.  This will help you to see how far you have come.

Write before you bite, scribble before you nibble.  Food diaries can help you keep to your plan, try to record everything.

Make healthy eating changes.  Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, feel fuller for longer.

Boost your motivation

Keep planning for the tricky times.  Blips happen, think about why.  Use each one as a way to learn how to avoid it next time.

Keep track.  Review your weight, eating habits and activity on a weekly basis. Even better, share your progress with a friend.

Set goals you can live with.  Small steps lead to big differences over time. Build in bigger challenges when your healthy changes become a habit.

Need extra support

Don’t go it alone. Most people find it easier when they team up with a friend, member of the family or work-colleague.

Contact us today to talk to a wellness advisor. Allow 15 minutes to get started.

Self-help tools
Healthy weight; hints and tips
My food and activity diary

Inspiration for healthy meals

Plan out your meals; try this easy healthy meal planner.

Learn about your foods

Take notice of food labels and understand how to read them. 
Learn your food label.

Puzzled by the calories in your food?

Check your calories and monitor your intake with this easy to use calorie checker.

Start the NHS weight loss plan

Lose weight safely and keep it off with the NHS free twelve week weight loss plan.

Free tools to maintain a healthy weight

Free Devon services

Want to find out more about local services in your area? There's a wide range of options available and just a click away.

Local weight management programmes

Weight Watchers
Slimming World
Rosemary Conley

What do you want to do next?

I want to be smoke free
I want to be moving more
I want to be drinking less