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Healthy Weight

We have collated a range of materials for you to download or view.

Healthy Weight Downloads

Thumbnail Title Description
PDF file icon Eatwell guide for a balanced diet This guide is a visual representation on five food groups which will help your you understand what you should be eating more or less of
PDF file icon Food and activity diary This food and activity diary will help monitor the journey over a 12 week period, and track eating habits on a day-to-day basis
PDF file icon Healthy eating hints and tips A list of hint and tips around portion sizes, eating habits, and what to include within a balanced meal
PDF file icon Meal and recipe planner This planner will help with meal prep, shopping lists, and get your you thinking about the healthier replacements they could make in their meals
Healthy Weight

Get healthy: you have nothing to lose but some weight.

We all know that losing weight can be hard but help is at hand.