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Think you might be drinking too much?

OneSmallStep is free to everyone aged 18+ and living in Devon. We offer information on our website, telephone advice and one to one coaching sessions.

How much should I be drinking? Click here for more information on the new drinking guidelines. For an at a glance summary, check out this handy infographic.


Simple Changes

Boost Motivation

Seek Support

Have an alcohol-free night or two each week

Include a friend or family member for support.

Set yourself a challenge

Go Sober and Dry January are great ways to kick start you. You can do these any month of the year.

We can offer you one to one sessions to help reduce your drinking.

Our team can help you set goals, address obstacles and develop strategies that will help you make the changes you want and stay motivated.

For more information, contact us
Replace drinking with another activity

For example a new hobby or physical activity. Swap to low alcohol or alcohol-free drinks.

Keep a drinking diary

Drink Less is a super-easy to use app. It allows you to keep track of how much you drink, set goals to drink less and get feedback on whether what you’re doing is working.

Give it a try
Self-help tools

My alcohol drink diary

Understanding alcohol and you

Are you drinking too much?

Change the way you drink with this free app

How many extra calories are you drinking?

Know the facts about alcohol?

Find free alcohol support services in Devon

What do you want to do?

I want to be smoke free

I want to be a healthy weight

get more active