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Helping you with 
 a small boost 

We all need a boost in motivation, whether it’s to get started or staying focused we will help you along the way with small boosts that are designed to help you on to that next step.

Try out some of these FREE, simple and quick boosts which have great reputations for success.

With all of these tools, they are here to help you look at where and how small changes can be made to your lifestyle and happiness.

What's Next

Break the routine, by changing what you do, when you do it, will help to avoid slipping back to old habits.

Blackboard with old way andnew way written in chalk in opposite left and right arrows
Look for something different to do; local walking group, low impact aerobics or even volunteering.

Hand holding ball in foreground with dog sat looking at it in background
Make a list of how you will spend the money you save by stopping smoking.  On average £120 per month if you smoke 10 cigarettes a day.

Piggy bank wwearing glasses looking at calculator

What do you want to do?

I want to be smoke free
I want to be a healthy weight
I want to be moving more
I want to be drinking less